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Karolina Kopánska

Thesis defence of Karolina Kopánska: “Uncertainty analysis of individual predictions and integrated safety assessments in toxicology”

Last Thursday, 29th of February 2024, at 12:00, Karolina Kopánska, member of the PharmacoInformatics PhI group, has read her thesis and qualified with an Excellent CUM LAUDE: "Uncertainty analysis of individual predictions and integrated safety assessments in toxicology". It took place in room 61.127 of the UPF. 

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Karolina Kopańska, a PhD student in computational toxicology, tells us about her views on risk assessment with new approach methodologies (NAMs).

Animal experimentation in toxicology for the 21st century: needed or outdated?

Karolina Kopańska is a postgraduate student pursuing her doctorate in the field of computational toxicology in the PharmacoInformatics Group (GRIB/UPF) led by Manuel Pastor. She recently attended a Summer School on non-animal approaches in science, and here she shares her views after what she learned and what her experience has taught her.

She's interested in topics related with toxicological risk assessment and decision-making under uncertainty, and hopes to make further contributions to strengthen animal-free research in the future.

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FBBVA - Development of novel transcriptome-informed methods to predict the response to immunotherapy in cancer

The goal of this project is to use DNA and RNA sequencing data collected from hundreds of patients with advanced bladder cancer, including a cohort at Hospital del Mar in Barcelona, to develop predictive models of the response to immunotherapy. We expect that, by including different types of neoantigens and new molecular biomarkers in the models, we will be able to achieve higher accuracy in the predictive models. The project is undertaken by a highly multidisciplinary team led by Mar Albà. The funding is for the period 2022-2024.

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